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KeyesCalc Summary

KeyesCalc can be used to convert spooled files into CSV spreadsheet format.  The resulting CSV files can be used for any desired purpose, such as e-mailing, archiving, or posting on a website.


Spooled files must be standard *SCS printer files. We provide a mapping tool so that you can map each spooled file field to the desired spreadsheet columns.


For example: You can call our API to convert spooled files into CSV documents and have them placed directly into your IFS (Integrated File System).  This would make it available to everyone with access to the IFS directory.


KeyesCalc includes an automatic output queue processing program.  It will monitor an output queue called KCOUTQ. When any spooled file appears in this output queue, in a "RDY" status, it will be automatically converted to a CSV file and placed in your IFS.


KeyesCalc can be integrated with KeyesMail to allow you to email your spooled files converted into spreadsheets.



  • Mapping Spooled Files to CSV

    Spooled files need a map member to define how they are converted to CSV spreadsheets.  The Edit Map Member screen (shown below) is used to create your map members.


    ‚ÄčThe Dft Data and Last Row parameters can include spreadsheet formulas. Example: =SUM(A#f:A#p) This sample formula would sum all of column A from the first detail row to the previous to last row. Special characters #c, #f, #p, can be used to specify the current row, first row, or previous to current row in the spreadsheet, respectively. 

  • Application Program Interface (API's)

    We have included one API in the system and an output queue so that you can automatically create CSV spreadsheets out of your *SCS spooled files.


  • Output Queue Processing

    The output queue called KCOUTQ can be monitored for spooled files that you wish to convert.  As each spooled file becomes Ready in this output queue, it will be automatically processed into a CSV document.


    After processing a spooled file, it will be removed from the output queue unless you specify *YES on the Save spooled file attribute using an OVRPRTF command.


  • Simple Installation

    The software can be easily downloaded from the KeyesCalc Downloads section and installed on any IBM i (i5, iSeries, AS/400) computer in its own library.


  • System Requirements


    Any model IBM i (i5, iSeries, AS/400) Computer



    OS/400 Version 7 Rel 1 or higher



All prices are per Logical Partition.


(All Models IBM i (i5, iSeries, AS/400)) - as of 1/01/23




Multicopy discounts

 Quantity   Discount

     2-4             10%

     5-9             15%

   10-19           20%

     20+             30%


Annual Maintenance

The first year of maintenance is free. Thereafter, an annual maintenance fee of 20% of the current price will keep your system current and bug free.




Live Software:

Download to a PC and double click, then view the included Readme.txt.




























Version 1 live software, V7R1M0 or higher




Version 1 manual




Version 1 brochure




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Date Uploaded



Free Trial / Activation Codes

  • KeyesCalc - Version 1 V7R1M0 or Higher

    To try KeyesCalc free for 30 days, use the link below to download the software to a PC and then double click to extract a Readme.txt with further instructions. Contact us or use the form below to have an activation code sent to your email.





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    Version 1 live software, V7R1M0 or higher


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    *If you do not know your Serial Number or Lpar Number, install KeyesCalc on your IBM i from the download link first, and then use the following commands to display your Serial Number and Lpar Number:


    chgcurlib kclib



Version Differences

  • KeyesCalc Version 1.0

    10/30/2020 - KeyesCalc Software (Spooled file to CSV Spreadsheet)

    KeyesCalc can be used to convert *SCS printer files to CSV spreadsheets.  KeyesCalc is a standalone package that can be integrated with KeyesMail for emailing spreadsheets or used by itself to create and save CSV documents to your network.